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Myths and Misconceptions

Myth: My business is too small to afford an ad agency.

Small companies solely focus on what they have to pay for developing and placing their ads, and forget about the sales those ads will bring in. Good advertising makes you much more money than what you spent on it. Some small companies try to cut costs by doing the work themselves when in reality they either do not have the skills or knowledge to create the type of advertising their business requires or they simply do not have the time.  In many cases, however, the owner may need a website or print material so his grandson’s best friend says he knows someone who knows someone that can get the job done. What usually happens is the “someone” doesn’t deliver in a timely manner or the quality of the work isn’t what you expected. If mistakes are made then the owner doesn’t feel comfortable enough to communicate any issues or concerns with that “someone” because there was no real relationship built during the process and it’s through a third or fourth party.


There are several reasons why advertisers use an advertising agency for a portion of their advertising. In some cases using an agency reduces the cost of advertising, since the agency does not require many of the fixed expenses associated with internal advertising departments. Agencies are typically staffed with individuals who provide a degree of creativity & objectivity that is difficult to maintain in a corporate advertising department.

An agency has buying power because we buy for many clients at one time. Most media has a commission built in for agencies so placing through an agency doesn’t cost the client any extra.

Typically advertising budgets should be 2% of your sales, but you can choose to raise the percent. (5% for start-ups or an especially aggressive marketing campaign).

By learning the truths about these myths, you gain the understanding you need to maximize your advertising dollar, and you can quickly discover the value that effective advertising represents.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s more on the subject:


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