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Why We Should Still Hand Draw In A Digital World….

Every year the American Cancer Society holds a charity event by selling tickets for the Cattle Baron’s Gala to aide in the fight against cancer. This year will be the 27th annual Tyler Cattle Baron’s Gala, held at Rio Neches Ranch, Saturday, June 14, 2014. A general admission ticket is $175 while a Barons’ ticket is $300. Enjoy dinner, dancing, silent and live auctions, live entertainment and games. With your generous support and participation in the Gala, the ACS will continue to save lives and help people stay well while finding cures. Guests receive a bag full of donated goodies along with a map layout of the Gala. This year marks the 3rd year in a row for Route2 to proudly hand draw the map.Image

Somewhere between infancy and maturity many of us lose the passion and/or inclination to draw when in actuality, our job (as designers), communication, and creative output is dependent upon it more so than ever. Think of how drawing can work to your advantage and make you a more desirable and successful asset whether you’re working for yourself or with a company. In this market you should be doing anything to fight your way towards the top and be noticeable.

“Technology enables “more to happen” by expanding our reach and design possibilities, it improves workflow productivity and efficiency. But no matter how advanced technology becomes, it simply can’t communicate certain things that hand drawing can. While design possibilities will continue to innovate, the core design process will always remain the same.” –Layer Cake Creative

While digital tools may make it easy for an illustrator to globally remove mistakes in initially hand-rendered work, flaws are a welcome part of art made by a human hand, reminding us of the vulnerability of the creative process.

“The computer is a tool, like any other, and the more tools an illustrator familiarizes him or herself with, the more versatile and flexible he or she becomes,” says illustrator Shadra Strickland (BirdEliza’s Freedom Road), who teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art. “All things in moderation”, she believes.

You can go into graphic design without being able to draw, but the graphic designers who can offer that skill set are much more successful in their careers and usually paid more. A designer’s inability to draw may also unconsciously limit his ability to conceptualize. Custom hand drawn illustrations can help explain abstract ideas or concepts and add style to content pages in print and online. If you can draw you can draw anywhere. If you’re well practiced with pen or pencil you can draw in your studio, at a cafe, park, bus station, prison etc… No need to boot up software or rely on electricity. Paper is still the most portable storage format. For now I continue to love getting my hands dirty with ink and owning a growing collection of original pages and illustrations.

So, how impressive can hand-drawn results be? The answer…is very.



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